Ghazal BANAN
Chamss Doha OULKADI


Fully conceptualizing an architectural project requires relentless experimentation. Our primary objective and overarching vision for a dynamic and ambitious architectural and urban planning firm is to generate innovative solutions to many of the pressing and at times defining issues which our clients encounter during project realization.

BOM Architecture Offices’ various collaborators first met at the Ecole d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux (The Bordeaux School for Architecture and Landscaping) and as young scholars we were captivated by questions situated at the crossroads of urbanism and history. Successfully transitioning from theory to actual practice has been one of our primary common objectives. Over the course of the numerous projects we have undertaken, many of which have called on our distinctive expertise in multiple disciplines, BOM Architecture Offices’ experience has increasingly diversified to encompass architecture, urbanism, landscaping and graphic design concurrently and in one accord. Our diverse skill sets were brought together in order to advance a standard of architecture which prioritizes context, whether that context be patrimonial, architectural or urban.

Consequently, our work bears the stamp of multiple distinctive disciplines and different localities. Clearly, architecture cuts through a broad spectrum of differing and sometimes contradictory historical contexts as one examines the countries of France, Morocco and Iran separately. Choosing to actively engage with these multiple disciplines and varied historical contexts compels us to call back into remembrance or memorialize as well as continuously innovate and strive toward the ambition of accurate reinterpretation..

Ghazal BANAN Architect

was born in Iran and graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Ecole d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux (The Bordeaux School for Architecture and Landscape) and the School of Fine Arts in Tehran. She also holds a Master’s degree in Housing Studies.
Fascinated by geography and further strengthened by her experience in the fields of landscaping and public space, experiences which she acquired while working alongside a number of renowned firms, she is currently developing a form of architecture that is deeply interwoven with the ambient natural environment and which requires an exacting implementation of materials.

Chamss Doha OULKADI Architect/Urban Planner

was born in Morocco and graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Ecole d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux (The Bordeaux School for Architecture and Landscape). She also holds a DSA in Urbanism and Territories from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville (The Paris-Belleville School of Architecture).
She has received numerous awards for her work on patrimony and history from the Agora Architecture Biennale in Bordeaux, the Institut du Monde Arabe (The Arab World Institute) and the Venice Architecture Biennale in collaboration with Khalid Ait El Madani.

Khalid AIT EL MADANI Architect/Graphic Designer

was born in France and graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris la Villette (The Paris La Villette School of Architecture). Eager to further diversify his skills, he also completed  a postgraduate course at the ESTEI in Bordeaux, where he graduated from the faculty of computer graphics/ multimedia.
He currently combines his architectural work with graphic design. His career path, with its heavy emphasis on image design, further contributes to BOM Architecture Offices’ standard of multidisciplinary expertise.

Prizes & Distinctions

  • EDF Bas Carbone Award 2016
  • Holcim Awards 2014
    BOM architecture office, winner of the Holcim Awards 2014, Africa middle east next generation, 2e prize
  • YYA 2012
    The project memorial of Agadir is the Winner of the Young Arab Architect Competition 2012
  • AGORA 2008
    The project « un îlot à cœur ouvert » 1st prize winner


  • Institut du monde arabe, Paris 2018
    Juillet «A qui appartient l’espace public ?»
  • 2050 Bordeux respire
    Base sous marine Bordeaux 2017
  • Università Iuav di Venezia, WAVE 2017
    WAVE 2017 du 26 Juin au 14 Juillet
  • 15e Biennale d’architecture de Venise 2016
    « Reporting from the Front»  CA’ASI Mission Trans-Missions mai-nov 2016
  • ‘GAP’ 2015, the university of Melbourne, Australia
    Exhibition/ edition Global Architecture Profiling, Melbourne,
    22 sep-2 oct 2015
  • CIVA, Bruxelles 2015
    Exhibition / International Center For City, Architecture & Landscape
    Jan-march 2015
  • Triennale de Milan 2015
    Exhibition / AFRICA BIG CHANGE BIG CHANCE. Oct-dec 2014-2015
  • The Venice Architectural Biennale, 14th edition
    Exhibition « Fundamentals » june / nov 2014
  • Institut du monde arabe
    Exhibition at the l’Institut du Monde Arabe 25 years of Arab creativity, Paris,France, Oct – Jan 2013
  • The Venice Architectural Biennale, 13th edition
    Exposition du projet du mémorial d’Agadir, « Common Ground », 13e Biennale d’architecture de Venise, CA’ASI, Italie, august / november 2012
  • Agora, Bordeaux Biennale 2008
    Exhibition at the Biennale d’Architecture de Bordeaux, L’Urbanisme Vert, Bordeaux, France 2008 .


  • La ville Bas carbonne
    2017, Ante Prima
  • Syria the making of the future
    2017, wave 2017
  • Architectes français dans le Monde
    2015, Jean-François Pousse, Richard Scoffier, Holcim Awards 2014 « Architectes français dans le monde »,  AAM, p. 30-39
    14e Biennale de Venise, 2014 ed AAM, p. 99-104
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