45 individual and affordable housing units

Habiter la venelle
Agadir, Maroc

Program : 45 Individual and affordable housing units
City : Agadir, Maroc
Client :Private
Design team : BOM architecture
Area : 9 000 m²
Cost : 4 M€
Mission : commande directe
Design years : 2014-2017

This project is characterized by linear volumes from which alleys emerge and run the length of the main street and the communal gardens.

The perspective is therefore amplified by elongated volumes which produce a salient effect of depth in the visual field. Along the course of this fragmentary, narrow and slender path one finds two clusters of affordable and individual housing developments resulting in a mélange of typologies.

In these houses the proportion of empty spaces, destined for the wind, sun and rain are approximately equal to the proportion of inhabitable spaces. One’s path is accented at regular intervals by so many “gaps” and “pauses” rendering the spaces both diverse and modular.