City block interiors

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Bordeaux, France

Program : Public space, housing,
offices and commercial buildings
Site :Bordeaux, France
Client : Mairie de Bordeaux
Design team : BOM architecture, Mohamed Belhouari urbaniste
Surface : 8 000 m²
Cost : non estimé
Competition winner :Biennale d’Architecture
de Bordeaux – Agora
Date : 2008

In the city of Bordeaux, where the historic center has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, active policies have been implemented in order to initiate the urban transformation of the historic center and promote large-scale urban intervention as well as the densification of City block interiors of housing known locally as “échoppes bordelaises» (Bordelaisian shacks and stalls). This urban fabric is characterized by the narrowness and depth of the city block clusters.

Historically these houses were built on the edge of the public space and form a continuous façade on the street.