of MILAN-2015

Africa Big Change, Big Chance

Program : Exhibition « Architecture as landscape »
Client : Triennale of Milan
Design team : BOM architecture, Sergio Lobato landscape architect
Collaborator : Giorgio Marafioti architect / Laurent Sanz architect
Design and exposition years : 2014-2015

BOM architecture has been invited in Triennale of Milan to expose his theoritical projet about Housing in Africa. Within this habitable structure, the covered and ventilated patios yield spaces for public habitation in which the environment is controlled. These voids and gaps permit the air to circulate, punctuate the internal pathways and offer great modularity and diversity of space.

The covered patios have a vocational use as the reproduction of a microcosmic interior protected from the vagaries of the environment. These spaces promise freshness and from their depths they generate the shade necessary for human survival.

Therefore, we incorporat the void as a fundamental element of architecture, as a captured landscape, a space that devolves an artificial nature to protect the area using a redefinition and restructuring of the relationship between the inside and the outside.