Memorial of 1960

Destroyed City Told
Agadir, Morocco

Program : Memorial dedicated to the history of the 1960 earthquake
Location : Agadir, Morocco
Client : Commune urbaine d’Agadir
Design team : BOM architecture
Area : 5 000 m²
Cost : 7 M €
Mission : work in progress
Awards : Holcim Award, Institut du monde arabe, 13e Biennale de Venise
Design years : 2012-2018

On February 29th 1960 the city of Agadir was hit by an earthquake. The kasbah (i.e.,the fortified city) on the hill was entirely destroyed and the site abandoned.

Since the earthquake the site has remained resistant to efforts at construction and is widely regarded today as a kind of cemetery or a ruin. The city of Agadir has no major museum or place of meditation for families of earthquake victims..

Our project involves creating a memorial on this site. It’s aim is essentially twofold: firstly, we’d like to create a place of contemplation dedicated to the memory of the earthquake victims, and secondly, we’d like to establish an archaeological museum which retraces the city’s history. The proposed building incorporates the ruins of the wall and we are confident that it will become a major new attraction for the city and the surrounding region given its strategic placement.

The project’s intrinsic and powerful symbolic value will serve to demonstrate that Agadir was not born after the earthquake but is rather of considerably greater antiquity.