Museum & Cultural center

Cultural facility
Bamyan, Afghanistan

Program : Cultural center
City : Bamyan, Afghanistan
Client :  UNESCO
Design team : BOM architecture, Leila ROHANI Architecte Urbaniste, Sergio Lobato paysagiste
Surface : 2 000 m²
Cost : 2.5 M$
Competion : Final selection
Date : 2015

In this project we believe that the building can only achieve his goal if it has been refined and nuanced with as much discernment and acuity as the environment in which it stands.

We have devoted considerable attention and care to the site’s natural topography: The project takes advantage of the inclined terrain in order to better arrange the different elements of our program around two walls which stand firmly in the landscape. the building does not represent a break in the landscape; on the contrary, with a combination of the interplay between topographies, accessible roofs and gentle ramps, visitors can easily maneuver across the site and enjoy an architectural promenade of sorts with its fusion of built and natural landscape.

Our objective is to create a mystical relationship with nature: as one moves beyond the ramps one is suddenly bathed in bright light. As one proceeds to the exhibition gallery the light is now filtered by the interplay of various windows; one then begins the progressive descent into a kind of penumbra until such time as complete serenity is reached.