Museum of architecture

Urban belvedere, Tangier, Morocco

Program : museum of architecture
Location : Tanger, Maroc
Client : KLK immobilier
Main designer : BOM architecture, YL architecte, Sergio Lobato paysagiste
Area : 3000 m2
Cost : 3 M €
Mission : Competition – first prize
Design and construction years : 2015-2017

The site of the project is strategic in that it is in the axis perpendicular to the medina of Tangier. Thus, the orientation of the Museum of Architecture is the first structuring line of the project which will frame the view on the medina of Tangier and its bay.

The roof of the Museum of Architecture is designed as a public space enhanced by the simplicity of the volumes and materials used. The building is designed in such a way as to mould into the surrounding landscape without creating a deep contrast. The topographical games and accessible roofs allow visitors to stroll easily through the site. The Museum of Architecture is considered as an urban belvedere enabling its visitors to contemplate the exceptional landscape of the city of Tangier.